Nightwatch Keeshonds

Our Kees


First and foremost, our dogs are family members so once they've entered the Huck household that is their primary function.  But as with most families, most members have a job of some kind.   Most of our Keeshonden begin their training at an early age to function as a housepet, as well as learn the ropes being a conformation show prospect and understanding the basics of obedience.  Currently, one of our Keeshonden, CH. Jen n' Di's Winter Games at Nightwatch, BN, CGCA, RATI, RN enjoys training for obedience, rally and barn trials.  Such a bright dog....there are times I think he deserves a more highly skilled trainer!  No doubt about it, working with him has made the journey of life together so much more fun.

Russ and Marty Huck, Nightwatch Keeshonden