Nightwatch Keeshonds


Of paramount importance to sustaining the purebred dog of any breed is the maintenance of the health and soundness of the dogs from generation to generation. Reputable dog breeders maintain membership with the national breed club (in our case the Keeshond Club of America) that establishes a list of criteria to follow in screening the soundness of breeding stock. X-ray images of the hips and elbows are examined by specialists, and patellas are palpated, to detect structural problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia or slipping stifles. These results are sent to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, which maintains a searchable database of ratings for individual dogs. Genetic screening for the gene causing primary hyperparathyroid disease (PHPT) enables breeders to eliminate this problem from their litters. All these tests are done before a dog is bred, and allows breeders to make better choices to produce the next generation of healthy puppies.


We abide by the KCA Code of Ethics and perform the above-mentioned health checks on any Keeshond (male or female) to be bred, and breed only to outside dogs that have also been tested. By ensuring that the health of the dog is secured and that breeding them in conformance with  the breed standard as approved by KCA, we join other dedicated Keeshond fanciers around the country in preserving the quality of this wonderful, joyous, happy breed for generations to come.

Russ and Marty Huck, Nightwatch Keeshonden