Nightwatch Keeshonds

About Kees


I assure you that if you invite a Keeshond to join you as a family member, you will be constantly entertained by their comical antics. Having spent many hours sitting on the back porch with a cup of morning coffee, I've been witness to countless bouts of 'face fighting' that reminds me of some goofy sea birds, rump butting and submarining a fellow playmate by playfully gnawing on their backlegs. Who needs TV? As I sit staring at the computer screen and attempt to summarize the Keeshond breed's rich history,  I hope you will find it more convenient to use the following links for authoritative information. Excellent resources are The Keeshond Club of America website ( and The American Kennel Club (


Here's how Keeshonds make you feel:

Russ and Marty Huck, Nightwatch Keeshonden