Nightwatch Keeshonds

Nightwatch Keeshonden

Est. 1981


Our "how it all began" story with Keeshonds began with my first glimpse of an Arctic fox pictured in National Geographic. There was just something about the Arctic fox's face and head that touched something inside me. The attraction to that type of beauty was further piqued when I checked out a book called Frosty, the Alaskan Malamute from the local library. Have you ever had a book you hated to return to the library when it was due? I read Frosty a number of times as a young girl, and still fondly remember the beautiful drawings of Frosty.


Having developed an eye for the Nordic look by that time, I discovered the Keeshond breed as a sixteen-year-old while babysitting for a family that owned a full set of the Encyclopedia Britannica. While reading about AKC dog breeds, I spotted a picture of a gorgeous Keeshond, Am/Can/Eng. Ch. Wrocky of Wistonia, although it was some years later that I learned his name and his impact on the breed. I knew right away that this was THE BREED for me.


Ten years later, having married and purchased our first home, my husband and I were considering getting a dog. In 1981 a coworker of mine asked me if I wanted a dog, as his family needed to rehome one of their pets. When I learned that the dog was a Keeshond, I said "Yes! I'd love to take her!" Sophy was three and a half years old when she came to live with Russ and me, and forever changed our lives for the better. Her pedigree included names such as Maywood, Anaway, Gem Valley, and more. Through friends who showed Chow Chows, we connected with the dog show world by visiting the famous Golden Gate Kennel Club benched show, and met a breeder who owned Sophy's litter sister. That connection led to the addition of P.J. to our family.


Life became very busy for us with conformation handling classes and obedience training . We joined the Keeshond Club of America and the local NorCal Keeshond Club, which put us in touch with other Keeshond fanciers, and became involved with the Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs. (Oh yes, and we raised two great kids as well!)


Since then we have owned and shown many Kees to their conformation and obedience titles, and believe this provides an excellent foundation for planning breedings, raising litters, training young dogs, and mentoring new owners. Health and good temperament are paramount in our breeding plans, and our goal is to provide owners with healthy, intelligent, good-natured dogs, whether they are show dogs or couch potatoes. We abide by the Keeshond Club of America Code of Ethics, and are AKC Breeders of Merit. We have been active members of the California Sierra Keeshond Club since it was founded in 2003.


By ensuring that the health of the dogs is secured and breeding them to the official Keeshond standard, we join other dedicated Kees fanciers around the country in preserving the quality of this wonderful, joyous happy breed for generations to come. We sincerely hope you find this effort worthwhile as you look for your perfect canine companion!



Russ and Marty Huck, Nightwatch Keeshonden