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Welcome to our new website! As it is just getting its start, there will be updates and changes.

Nightwatch Keeshonds had its beginnings in January 1981 when Russ and I acquired our first Keeshond, Sophy, a 3 1/2 year old female whose pedigree read like a "Who's Who" from the Maywood Kennel of Newberg, OR. (That kennel name can be found behind many pedigrees in America today.)

If Sophy taught us one thing, it is this: "Owning a Keeshond is a lot like eating a potato chip...you can't stop with just one!" Whether you live with one Keeshond or many, you'll find that they have a sense of humor, love to play, and are one of the happiest breeds around. To see how much fun living with a Keeshond is, click here!

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